The history of modern photography has its roots back in 1839 when Louis Daguerre reproduced a fleeting image on a metal plate in just 30 minutes. From that time photography has gone through numerous developments and revolutionized our society. It has changed our way of remembering thing by providing us an ability to capture a slice of reality instantly. We now look the photographs as memories. In words on Roland Barthes “photograph is the sovereign contingency”.

Invention of photography has changes the course of history by impacting hard on many historical events. It made our concepts of history by providing us with the objective record of the real events like in the case of Holocaust and civil war. In the earliest stages photography was the game of rich but after the invention of instant camera and 35mm film, general public got its hand on this art making it the most widely used one.

Photography invention also helped to provide a lot of people with jobs, especially after the introduction of instant camera by Kodak in 1920s. This invention meant a lot of people employed to manufacture, sell and service the cameras and films apart from making photography as a career.

Getting ability to record the world also revolutionized the scientific world. In early days it was used just to show case certain evidences and it moved forward to the invention of assessment of human body and brain scanning. It can be said that the invention of this technology also liberated the traditional arts like sculpture and painting to spread their wings around the world. It can reproduce any art form better and quicker than the manual methods.

Why Was The Invention Of Photography Initially So Important?

The advent of photography engendered revolutionary changes in meaning of history, time and people themselves. As camera got able to record almost every area of human life the concept of privacy got changed and it also eventually altered the concept of senses used for observing events. Photographs became the first ever undeniable evidence of any particular event.
The need of capturing certain states was there in almost every field from art to the pure science and it did wonders in each of those fields when incorporated. Talk about sciences photography helped in making many new scientific discoveries like human and animal locomotion studies by Eadweard Muybridge. Photography even opened many new dimensions of scientific study for us.
In arts it was needed to replicate the exact details for publication or any other work and it did it better than any other technology till in 1859 when it gained an identification of a separate art form. Then just in the start of twentieth century, massive industrialization, political changes and modernized life style all needed the photography ore than ever. Who can deny the importance of photography during the era of world wars?

There is no doubt in the fact that photography came just at the right time when it was needed the most and it defiantly performed in every field implemented. Look at the propaganda campaigns of world wars, the industrial revolution, and the case of Holocaust; can you imagine them without pictures? Photography has ability to alter and enhance the senses, using which it transformed the course of history and the way of living.

What Industries Grew As A Result Of The Invention Of Photography?

In the very early times of the start of photography it was considered only the game of rich people. But in late 19th century and the start of 20th century photography came for general public due to the invention of cameras by Kodak engineers. It was like a blossom for the industry of film, a thin emulsion coated plastic sheet. It enjoyed its peak during the 1900s as it was required for motion pictures, stills and even in the medical world. Many small industries like the camera case makers, bolt forgers and plastic molders also enjoyed the peak sales during that era. People loved the invention of small, easy to use and affordable cameras so many companies came into the market making those. Now because of so many companies in the market comes a spate sales industry for the camera related products.

The industries dealing with optics are the one which are still benefiting from the boom of photography. Lenses are the one most important component of any camera which needs to be made precise and accurate. So the companies dealing with delicate optics thrived due to photography otherwise they would still be making eyesight and sun glasses for us.
The cheep camera also incorporated so many people to learn photography just for fun and in fact these people, who took it as a hobby made the base for the professional photographers. They made out a spate industry which we know now as the photography. We also cannot miss hoe medical and engineering industry got flourished by the invention of camera.
When the world entered in to the digital era of zero and one, photography kept the pace with it and shifted its power from films to electronics. It became the prim era for small electronic devices like sensors coders and decoders and still a strong share of electrions industry is due to the photographic industry.

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