Many of you would have seen a silhouette picture and asked to yourself that how can I take this kind of snaps and wonder what is silhouette photography?. Silhouettes can make some of the great photos by forcing the distractions of colors and details. It renders the subject completely black and leaves a simple but powerful image on a vivid backdrop. They can be the pictures of an amazing city view at the sun set time or some person just looking at a beautiful landscape, anything. Some of the most fantastic silhouette photos are those having a bright yet interesting back ground. For example a sun rise or sun set with a bit of clouds for texture can help in taking some of the most brilliant silhouette pictures. Some pictures of this kind are also possible to be taken in bright sun light or even with artificial lightning. It’s all about great timing and perfect exposure settings.
What is Silhouette PhotographyExposure and metering are the things which can make or break your shot in silhouette photography. If you have learned how to control them, then the pictures you take are going to exceed your expectations. One tip in this kind of photography is to meter the bright background instead of the foreground to determine the exposure time. Otherwise you will have a picture will proper exposed subject and over exposed background which is all the way around of what you want.
Another thing to be kept in mind is to remember focusing the subject. Do not forget that by getting too much in to finding the right place and great composition of the shot. After all a sharp subject is what produces a eye catching silhouette photograph. Also while composing the photograph make it sure that the objects must not overlap to merge with each other. This can be avoided by moving your camera just a few centimeters away.

What is Self Portrait Photography?

Living in the era where the word selfie has been incorporated in to the oxford dictionary we all can get the feel that self portrait photography is taking a photo of your own self. But all of us can point the camera towards our self and make a photo. Sp what’s the thing which makes self portrait photography so special?
A self portrait is something about the real feel and the message conveyed by the photo. It depicts the personality, attitude and likeness of the photographer. You may have heard something like “that photographer really captured his emotions” this means that the portrait he captured depicts some definite part of his character, opinion and likeness. In one liner “any self shot having some sense in it is a self portrait”.

What is Self Portrait Photography

The concept of this genre of photography is as old as the technology. Regardless the fact that Robert Cornelius was the first one to take a self shot in 1839 but it cannot be regarded as self portrait by many. Drowned Man a picture taken by Hippolyte Bayar in 1840 can said to be the first ever self portrait in which he showed himself as a suicide victim. This picture was his reaction to the feeling that art establishment had overlooked his efforts.

Shooting self portrait can be difficult due to a number of reasons. Foremost of them is that first ever self portraityou cannot see how you look unless you have captured the picture. Also the setup consumes large bulks of time to set focus and timers. On the other hand it provides you with invaluable experience of taking portraits and a chance to express your inner self, your feelings, your likes and dislikes to the whole world.

How to Shoot Fitness Photography?

Fitness photography is the name of capturing portraits of the athletes or the people who work out in gym to show case the beauty of their body. Same as any other photography it needs some special arrangements and adjustments in your techniques. Now because you are capturing a real human being, timing, color and movements would not only be the factors to be considered. You must consider the full range of motion when you are capturing the model during his work out. Do not capture the halfway movements; they are going look really awkward. Also you must adjust the exposure to compensate any added movements. Always be ready to take the shot during and after your model performs the workout.

How to Shoot Fitness Photography

Apart from the things mentioned above, three things which must be considered well in fitness photography are mentioned below.
1. Lightening:
Remember your are capturing light to form a photograph so give it super importance this can convert your good photo into a great one.

2. Angle:
Angles will allow you to highlight the best features of your model. In fitness photography angles are everything to shoot some great snaps.
3. Looks of model:
Try to calm your model as he poses. Try to get the most natural look you can. Some models can get shy in showing of their body so getting natural looks can get a bit hard.
Fitness photography is just another form of product photography. The only difference is that the subject is a real human being. This is what it makes it unique and difficult.

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