What is Tumblr Photography?

Tumbler which is basically a twiterized form of word press allows anything to be posted but it gained its popularity due to one thing, PHOTOS. Just like pinterest tubmblr is a bane of true photographers as images are shared without credit. But being one of the most power full social media network with over 108 million blogs and highly engaged community, tumblr photography is just another type of photography and is the best way to build your web presence. For the professional photographers it’s a way to come in light and get know of potential customers and build a good name of their brand. For beginners it’s a place where they can learn how to do great photography. Spending a little time here would teach you a lot about both creative and technical aspects of the art of photography.


You can follow other photographers to see how they are working and ask questions about anything you like to. This is the greatest benefit of tumblr for be because looking at what the world is doing provides you some of your very own great ideas to implement. Inspiration lies everywhere there for you to grasp.

Another interesting thing about tumblr photography is that you do not need to be a great photographer. What you need is just an urge to learn and it will prove to be the best school for you. Capture anything you like, share it with others and get the feedback. Slowly you’ll develop a thick skin which would help in taking you to the professional level of photography. Tumblr is nothing but a platform to showcase your skill, work and passion for the learning purposes.


Tumblr Photography Tips

Being like a social media side of blogging, tumblr can provide you with the audience you desire but only if you use it in a proper way. So how can you use it like a pro to build the name of your brand? There are some tips to suffice that. First of all the content shared should be photos as they get the most audience there. If you do not have to any original photographs of you to share, share the work of other persons to improve your blog rating. You must also make sure to be consistent in posting. In Tumblr you are always going to be show up in the feed of your followers but to make your name. Being more active on tumblr means more followers for you. You can also line the posts up to post automatically after specified periods. Another great tip for tumblr photography can said to be the use of tags. It would help to show your content to the people who are not following you and in using that comes another tip, which is to make sure that people can rally see your image not the thumbnail. Just go into the settings in your dash board, check “show full size photos” and you are done with it.

Another important aspect is to engage the users to your content. Share behind the scenes of your photos and tell people how you captured the. Tell the steps of post processing you did. All of this will increase the audience for you.
Never ever forget to watermark your image with your brand name. in this way the people will know that you created it. You must also include a direct link to the original gallery with each post you share. This would divert the people from the social media platform to the site of your original work.

Iphone Photography Tips

Have you ever seen some great shots on instagram claimed to be captured by iphone and wished if you could be able to take some like those? Of course you can with the same amazing gadget in your pocket. Nevertheless Iphone photography can be a huge topic which can take months to master. But by using some tips and techniques you can improve the quality of your photos instantly.

The first tip is based on the motto of Steve Jobs “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Keeping your picture simple will make your subject to stand out prominent and create harmonious composition in your photos. You can also get great iphone photos by just lowering your shooting angle. This would remove unwanted distractions and reveal the interesting details of the fore ground, which would be lost otherwise. Another important tip is to show depth in your photo. Avoid having all the subjects in the same plane as it would be creating flat photos which would not be as attractive.

While photographing with an iphone, an important tip will be never to ignore shadows and reflections. Used properly they are going to give you some great photos. Always make the use of symmetry for reflections it will produce great visual impact. Another important tip is to shoot the picture from the level of your subject otherwise it would create a birds-eye-view and the subject would be lost in the background. Silhouetting is another very interesting technique in iphone photography. All you have to do is take photos against the source of light and the phone will take care of the rest.

Photography with your iphone can be real fun if you try new things. You do not have to apply all these tricks at the instant but if you start to try them now one by one I promise you are going to be astonished by the results.

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