Photography is an art of bringing out the hidden beauty in the visible things; it’s a way of showing world to the people as you see it. It is all about experimenting with your observation through the lens. So it brings out a lot of different types of photography styles by which one can express his observation through what he captures. The most ancient of them can be the monochrome or black and white photographs. Remember that it was the only option available when photography began. Even many modern photographers take it as the purest form of this art. Black and white photography is all about capturing shapes and textures by changing contrast.

Another different type of photography style which admires the beauty of the tiny world is called Macro. It is the name of reveling the tiny details with extreme close-ups. Talking about the focused images Bokeh style brings into focus a particular object by intentionally blurring the surroundings. This style brings out some supernatural beauty from very ordinary things. If you want to capture some at a wide angle Panoramic style is there for you. It is art of taking various images and then combining them to produce a continuous one. Now with this you can even capture a full 360 degree view around you. Talking about technology, now there is High-Speed photography style which freezes the time to show what cannot be seen normally. Then there is Aerial style which capture the moments from a height to show a new perspective to look at things. Portraiture and infrared styles are the styles to bring out appearance of things in a whole new way. These styles generate thousand words stories in a single picture. Last but not the least is the Long Exposure style which creates dramatic effects by using long shutter speeds.

Different Types of Photography Techniques

Despite photography is an art and a way of experimenting there is a set of techniques which can be really help full to produce great photos. The most important of these can said to be using the rule of thirds. It is to place the image in an imaginary grid of nine equal squares and placing the subject away or on the center according to need. It helps in producing the pictures which are more appealing.


Avoiding the shaking of camera is another very essential technique to reduce noise and blurriness from the picture. Using flash, sunlight and polarizing effect are some techniques to produce wonderful outdoor photos. While capturing indoor and portrait photos it is considered best to use a plain background so the subject could come into focus. Also the use of flash indoor can be hard so using high ISO instead of flash is considered best for indoor pictures. Creating a sense of depth is your pictures is also a technique to make the viewer drowned in your picture. It uses small apertures and sharp backgrounds to do so.

Playing with different shutter speeds without any manual is also a great technique which produces some wonderful effects. Using a tripod becomes must while using this technique. Panning technique is another great one to capture the things in motion to produce some interesting great photos.

Different Types of Photography That Are Not Popular


Photography is a field of no limits with types just depending on the limit of imagination of the photographer. This enormous field would produce of the types which may be great but are not very much popular. Take the example of Tilt-shift photography. Despite being a very beautiful image producer it is confined to a few professional photographers. It is the name of using some special lenses and camera movements to produce some master pieces.

Another uncommon type is Motion Blur photography which produces abstract kind of photos to show the sense of speed. It does so by using low shutter speed and a tripod. Smoke art photography is yet another very beautiful but unpopular type which had produced some of the most appealing pictures of all the time. Do you know there are photographers in medical too? But this can be dangerous for you if you cannot photograph a person lying on operation table with an opened belly. Talking about some literary stuff there is a specialization I scientific photography also the purpose of which is to take photographs of things for scientific purposes.

They are hundreds of different types of photography styles it seems to be a field with no end. Pick a profession or anything you want to take pictures about and there would be a type for it. No matter how weird or bizarre it looks, but it exists and there are many doing it too.

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