learn how you can sell amateur pictures?

Do you want to learn how you can sell amateur pictures? Quite a few steps are involved in selling pictures, and not every utilized photograph has to be professional. In fact, amateur photographers are often sought after for their fresh style and unique eye.   Any person can learn how to sell amateur pictures; only

What Was The Impact Of The Invention Of Photography?

The history of modern photography has its roots back in 1839 when Louis Daguerre reproduced a fleeting image on a metal plate in just 30 minutes. From that time photography has gone through numerous developments and revolutionized our society. It has changed our way of remembering thing by providing us an ability to capture a

Real Estate Photography Tips

When we create photos for a property listing that a real estate agent is going to sell on the housing market, this type of photographing is generally term as the real estate photography. In the present era photography has gained a lot of importance in the real estate industry. The real estate market is at

What is the Best Way to Learn Photoshop

Photoshop is the leading digital image editing application for the internet and other new media disciplines. Traditionally Photoshop has and continues to be a print industry standard. Almost every photography image you have seen in print has been prepared in Photoshop. The powerful features that make Photoshop the standard for print image are also just

What is Silhouette Photography

Many of you would have seen a silhouette picture and asked to yourself that how can I take this kind of snaps and wonder what is silhouette photography?. Silhouettes can make some of the great photos by forcing the distractions of colors and details. It renders the subject completely black and leaves a simple but

Different types of photography styles?

Photography is an art of bringing out the hidden beauty in the visible things; it’s a way of showing world to the people as you see it. It is all about experimenting with your observation through the lens. So it brings out a lot of different types of photography styles by which one can express

Quotes about photography and life

Great photographers did not only provide us with some of the beautiful captures of the history but they also said some quotes about photography and life words to light up out way. Photography is an art, and an art is always connected to soul and hence your life. See how some of the great photographers