What are the different types of photography?

The simple question: what are the types of photography? Makes it hard and almost impossible to answer due the immense photography styles out there. One astonish thing about photography is that it speaks a language which anyone in the world can understand. It is more than just visible reality. It is a thousand words, a thousand stories just hidden beneath that reality, which are brought up by a photographer. There are different types of Photography which may be just a hobby of leisure time for many but, the  form of art that is fused into it,  provides various avenues to form a perfect profession for those who want it. People who have the inclination to make a career in photography have different aspect of it which they can choose one to thrive. Combine any of your other interest  with it, such as photo editing skills and you can do miracles.

Let’s take a look at some types of photography that we have:

Fashion Photography:  If you are the type that like the glamorous world and have a keen eye in observing people, then you can go into the most lucrative types of photography like fashion photography and glamour photography. These type of photography involve capturing snaps of models either to showcase some products or the model herself.

Nude photography: which is not for eroticism is also an old art which got its own market.

Advertising photography: Advertising is one of the essential markets for photographers. Organizations around the globe depend on the skilled and inventive ability of a photographer to make visually impactful  and memorable product advertisements. Advertising contrasts and differ from other types of photography, as you regularly need to consolidate an item, a logo, a company picture and different points of interest to meet the customer needs. Therefore, being able to manipulate the results to match the color scheme, topic and target business sector are the crucial skill for any photographer in this field. If you have got the flair for this type of photography , you can give it a shot, am ready to see you captured photograph on a giant billboard in the city center.

Wedding photography:  The best moments of  life can be captured by wedding photographers. Using fast lens and creative lighting, you will be surprised with the end results.

If you are proactive in your photography and an advocate of change, then you should pick up kinds like Photojournalism, Documentary, street, war or secret photography. No need of highly equipped studio. Just pick up your camera and show the world what other do not dare to.

If you are not into any one of the above and you have the dream of taking photography as a profession with passion, then you can choose one of the large list like Fine Art Photography, Nature Photography, Landscape Photography, Wildlife Photography, underwater Photography, Cloudscape, Seascape, Travel Photography, Architectural, Portrait, fire, Astro photography from space, black and white photography, digital photography, night photography and the list goes on and on. Not to forget macro and aerial photography, sports,  tumblr photography, forensic and child photography in the list which are leading in today’s world.


What are the Most Popular Types of Photography?

There is a top list of everything we have in this world. It is same with the photography. Choosing the one which is more popular will make your way easy and smooth. Nature photography can be said to be the most popular type of photography . Capturing the beautiful sunsets and views, some fascinating landscapes and horrifying volcanoes, its involve the saving of very rare, once in a life time natural views through the lens. If nature inspires you then natural photography has a whole world of opportunities out there for you.

Another kind of photography quickly making its place in the world now a days is travel photography. It’s all about showing people the beautiful things which are lying around them ever since. Now travel photography is not just confined to the tourists. Professional photographers are quickly making their way into it. Taking pictures of beautiful buildings and hotspots, capturing the cultures, people and traditions. It is basically a beautiful mixture of all the common photography types ranging from the snaps of places and people to objects and animals.


Capturing photos of people is be the most common type of photography. Considered as a way to share memories and save the beautiful moments of life. It can be in the form of some natural photos or planned ones, portrait in black and white pictures, any form you can imagine. Many professional photographers are earning a good living for themselves just by taking pictures of newborn babies. That is the scope of photographing the people, its limited to just what you can think of.

Product photography is one evergreen type of photography with one basic goal of increasing the sales. Product photos are professionally taken to be used for marketing purposes. It may be of any product, from a luxury boat to a nail clipper. Everything that can be sold can be covered under product photography. A most relating popular type can be the fashion photography which aims to capture pictures of models to show the products.

Last but not least is the abstract photography which is gaining quite popularity from over the last few years. It is just like abstract painting or showing some hidden beauty in some ordinary thing.


How Many Different Types of Photography are There?

We were discussing the types of photography up till now so are you curious to know how many types of photography exist? , Only God would know the exact answer of this question as every visible thing can be photographed in dozens and dozens of way to fall in a separate category. Like if you are doing photo journalism you can also be categorized as a war photographer, crisis photographer, and many others. Just on Wikipedia there are list of 86 types of photography and even a newbie can tell there are many missing in that list.

No doubt the nature of photography is very scientific but it an art, And an art always has a philosophical soul. This philosophical nature of photography makes it limitless and when a thing is limitless you cannot categorize it fully. If you can imagine something and portray it through the lens of your camera you are going to devise a new type of photography. How can you forget the three new photography styles which came into market just a couple of years back instagram, tumblr photography and snap chat? If you want to become a photographer then you just have to refine your own path in your own way, the field has a type for everything you can think of. Click on SHOP page to go to your photography supplies store and enjoy great photography low price products, even at 3:30am!